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What does Verified mean?

“Verified” or “Verified Coin” means that we feel more confident about the project (tokens submitted to our website).

It means that we think that it is less likely that these projects will be abandoned by the project team in the near future or that investors will be rugged/defrauded by the project team.

We come to this conclusion based on various criteria, including looking at the Team, the quality of the Work, the vision and presentation of the Project’s vision, the project’s track record of delivering on promises etc.

However, we, CoinMoonHunt, do not endorse “verified “ projects or in any way guarantee that they are safe to invest into.

This simply expresses our opinion that being defrauded is LESS likely to occur with “verified” projects, but it is in no way completely ruled out.

Therefore, we make no warranties about these projects or their teams.

Make sure to do your own research on every project before investing, as this is not financial advice, nor are we financial advisors.