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Z Versus Project


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Z Versus Project Launches the First Decentralized Blockchain-Based Post Apocalyptic Metaverse on Binance Smart Chain The Metaverse gaming industry faces a monumental challenge. Since it was announced, publishers and developers have eagerly hopped on the trend of integrating crypto and blockchain elements. However, many have seen failed returns because they’ve done so before emphasizing the “game” of it all. With primary attention on the former and none on the latter, players aren’t incentivized to keep coming back. To be immersed in the Metaverse. To keep playing and earning as the system is designed to do. Z Versus Project is turning that trend on its head. The team behind Z Versus Project is full-tilt, incorporating the many nuances of successful blockchain gaming innovations. But they still stand apart – because the same devs are also working tirelessly on the other primary element: a fun game catered to gamers first. What is Z Versus Project? Z Versus Project is a first-person/role-playing play-to-earn experience designed from the ground up for the Metaverse. Players are given PVE and PVP options, battling zombies and one another as they choose their sides in the Z-War, gather troops, build fortresses, and band together for survival or destruction. With its emphasis on an MMO community, open-world design, blockchain integration, in-game marketplaces, land sales, unique Crypto tokens, NFT investments, multi-platform accessibility, and thrilling gameplay.

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