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Pledge Utility Coin


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Pledge Utility Coin’s mission is to be a force for the greater good. Specifically, our efforts bridge the gap between global donors and nonprofits in local communities. In simpler terms, as Uber is to the Taxi industry, the PUC project is to the Nonprofit industry. We are currently partnered with 20 nonprofits in different parts of the globe. (US, West Africa, East Africa, Germany, and London). We list a couple of them on our website here: www.trypledge.org. Our Project is live (it is on the Binance Mainnet), however we have not launched on an exchange yet. That is going to be done post IEO/presale. For full details on our presale go here: https://presale.trypledge.org. Some of the Use Cases of PUC are listed below: a) To make it easier to give to those most in need The most successful inventions are the ones that solve an important social problem. If you have ever come across representatives of humanitarian nonprofit organizations crowdfunding on busy metropolitan streets to get you to commit to a pledge, you realize just how difficult it is for these organizations to rally the sort of support that they require to meet their objectives. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation becomes more dire as people seek to avoid unnecessary interpersonal communication to prevent the possibility of contracting the virus. When such conundrums arise, they create a social problem. The PUC team developed the PUC token to tackle this particular problem by making the process

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May 06 2022


Jun 12 2022

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