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Net for U of 21


Contract Address: 0xf988C3984124685Fcc665dB21E83aD2E988309aD
Votes: 2205
Votes Today: 35
Network: MATIC
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Token created to generate passive income up to 21 levels of referrals from each transaction made, whether within transactions between users, purchases in stores, auctions and NFT trading. Passive income is generated by each of the transactions between users. No need to have a minimum balance in the wallet, or put any amount in any exchange, or by staking tokens in any centralized or decentralized exchange. The organization of referrals is stored in the same blockchain and is generated as soon as any user (A) sends any number of tokens to a new recipient (B). After this transaction (B) will always be a referral in the first level of (A). (A) will have earnings up to your 21st referral level and he/she can have as many referrals as he/she want on his/her first level. When (B) send any amount of NETU21 Tokens to (C), (C) will be in the first level of (B) and in the second level of (A). This implies that every holder of NETU21 is already in someone else's referral network. And it will always be 21 levels. Currently in any transaction, the destination wallet will receive 99% of the NETU21 Tokens transfer and the remaining 1% is shared equally, in the sending user's upstream network and the receiving user's upstream network. That is to say: that 1% is divided into 42 equal parts and delivered to 21 recipients of the network of the one who sends the tokens and 21 recipients of the network of the one who receives the tokens. The token will have a total supply of 21,000,000 and wil

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May 06 2022


Mar 13 2022

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