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Who is Farmer Doge? "FARMER DOGE IS THE HARDEST WORKING DOGE" He is in this for the long haul. Farmer Doge and his presale investors are locking their token supply for 6 months! He knows that investing is long-term and has picked his crops accordingly. Planting your money in our fields will result in not only immediate gains but also long-term gains. Do the smart thing and let Farmer Doge bring you a massive harvest. ​ Farmer Doge is the first multi-dividend coin on the BSC. He will build your portfolio with exciting investments that will grow while you hold. Just by holding Farmer Doge, you'll be able to harvest any coin on the BSC network. The team has been expertly put together, taking the best talent from some of the biggest coins launched. This is your opportunity to get in early on this project that is about to explode. TOKENOMICS BUY & SELL TAX: 10% REWARDS 3% OPERATIONS WALLET 2% LIQUIDITY POOL Token Supply (10 Billion) 5% Dev Wallet 33% Fair Launch 62% Private Sale All 49 Private sale holders have locked their tokens for 6 months since Aug 20th Introduction To Charity And Donations: We are Farmer Doge, and we are the crypto set out to help feed the world. We want to get hands-on and be there at the front lines fighting hunger. We will change the way people view crypto as a whole. To be able to bring communities together and find a way to help one another, rather than fight amongst each other trying to be the best project.

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Oct 07 2021


Aug 20 2021

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