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Casper 2.0

$CSPR 2.0

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Dear Casper 2.0 Investors and Followers This article will explain the marketing movements of the Casper 2.0 Project in the near future and in the long term and the purpose of the project. I see that there are people trying to get rich from the project immediately and quickly. However, until now, no coin can make you rich quickly, including PEPE and Casper. So stay away from the negative vibe and FUD generated by jeets and ignore it. BSC has been really Jeet full lately. Our project is not a one day project so don't expect pumps and dumps. We will build this project and continue in a healthy way. We will eliminate them and make the best use of this excellent name and carry our project to success. Marketing Plan 1. Coinmarketcap and Coingecko Listing of our project is very important because it will mobilize other investors around the world. Coinmarketcap and Coingecko applications are fasttrack. 2. We know the importance of the Chinese market. For this, Ave logo update and Ave trends will come as soon as possible. 3. Everyone is following BSC Trends for the 2.0 trend. When the any slot is opened, the 48 hour BSC trend will be active. 4. The biggest purchase will be rewarded. 5. BSC Calls support will be provided.(More than 100+) 6. Events will be held in China and Asian marketing. ( Weibo, WeChat) 7. Negotiations will continue for the CEX Listing and the burn plan will be implemented. 8. As soon as the DexTools trend requirements are complete, we’ll be directly in tr

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