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World’s First Cryptocurrency Index Exchange offers to provide trading of cryptocurrency index without worrying about the volatility of cryptocurrency market. Our cryptocurrency index exchange will constitute the top cryptocurrencies of the market excluding the stable coins. These indices will also have a certain portion of the BHARATMA COIN. BHARATMA COIN is a fully deflationary token & will appreciate its value with every single successive transaction. Each BHARATMA COIN transaction triggers a deflationary mechanism that includes a redistribution system. 5 % of each transaction is distributed as rewards to holders, another 5% is pumped into liquidity, the next 2% goes for charity and 1 % of each transaction is burned. So by just holding BHARATMA COIN, one can get additional BHARATMA coins if there is any transaction of BHARATMA COIN, and hence the individual will also get the benefit of passive income I.e 5%. Also, there will be a periodic burn of 20% (300,000,000) of the total BHARATMA Coins will be burnt till 9 Aug 2025. Henceforth it will eventually increase the price of BHARATMA Coin as some amount of coins will be wiped out of the circulation hence increasing the demand due to lesser quantity. This will help people maximize their profit and lower their risk. Bhartma coin Index Exchange will be an asset for individuals who are afraid of investing in cryptomarket.

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Mar 23 2022


Mar 21 2022

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